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About The Electoral District Association

The Kitchener Centre EDA or Electoral District Association of the Conservative Party of Canada is the organization which acts on behalf of the Conservative Party of Canada locally.

The EDA has important tasks to perform such as:

  1. Ensuring a unified local presence of Conservative Party supporters
  2. Participating in the development and promotion of Conservative Party policies
  3. Promoting  the Conservative Party and to build party membership
  4. Nominating and supporting a Conservative Party election candidate.
  5. Fundraising to support locally and nationally, the Conservative Party of Canada including election fundraising.
  6. Maintaining a local election readiness plan, and supporting the Conservative Party candidate during an election.

We are very pleased our candidate the Hon. Stephen Woodworth was elected Member of Parliament in the 2008 federal election, and while it is in our mandate to support and work closely with our local candidate or in this case M.P. The EDA does not actually work for the M.P. or candidate. Instead the EDA is a separate and distinct organization, which performs on behalf of the Conservative Party of Canada. The M.P. always maintains his own office, staff, and recourses separate from that of the EDA to handle government matters.

The Kitchener Centre Electoral District has a population of approximately 109,000. The area covered is located 100% within Kitchener the northern boundary runs along the CN Rail from the Grand River to Fischer-Hallman Rd.  Jots south east to Highland Rd and then Continues out to the western boundary of Trussler Rd. The southern boundary is defined by Highway 8, running from Trussler Rd. to the Grand River, which defines the eastern boundary.

Riding Map (PDF)